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      1、just put a giftsintosthe mail. I hope it reaches you in time for Mother’s Day . Have a very happy Mother’s Day. I wish I could be there to share it with you.我剛剛郵寄了一份禮物。希望它能趕上母親到您手上。祝您有一個很快樂的母親節。我希望能在那邊與您一起分享。

      2、I may not often say it, but I do love you. 我也許并不常掛在嘴上,但我真正愛您。

      3、Mom! Thank you again for your hard work, cooking us tasty dinner, washing clothes for us, making us happy! And please accept the sincere wish from our whole family,Happy Mother’s Day!感謝您讓咱們一家人吃的豐盛、穿的體面、樂的開懷,讓我代表一家人向您說:母親節快樂!

      4、Mom, I am concerned about you not just on this special day. Everyday would be Mother’s Day within the year! Hope you enjoy yourself everyday!并不是只有在母親節這天才要特別去關心母親,365天里,每一天都是母親節。希望母親能天天快樂,日日幸福!

      5、Mom, I once was a little bird by your side, enjoyed your love and care, and today I send you fragrant flowers.媽媽,我曾是您身邊的一只備受關懷的小鳥,今天它為您銜來了一束芬芳的鮮花。 On this day we honor you, dear mother. 親愛的媽媽,我們向您致敬.

      6、On this day we honor you, dear mother. 親愛的媽媽,我們向您致敬。 Thank you for everything over the years, mom. 媽媽,謝謝您這些年來所做的一切。

      7、This is the day that we appreciate all the things that moms do for us. Thank you .在這個日子里,我們感謝媽媽為我們所做的一切。謝謝您。